How to Get Rid of Raccoons in Tulsa, OK

It's generally a pretty good strategy to get rid of your raccoons by trapping them, ideally with the use of an accredited trapping company. We are fully licensed and certified by the state. Do not simply go to the hardware shop and start trapping raccoons with whatever they've got on sale.

We make sure to use humane traps, due to the fact that the last thing you want is the smell of dead raccoons wafting down from the attic.

Humane traps usually are available in two forms

  • One way trap doors
  • Two way trap doors

One way traps do a suitable job, yet you do a much better job when you utilize a two way door (because you increase your odds of a catch). You should bait your traps with something delicious. Pet food does the job, yet you could try a marshmallow also, considering that it smells tasty to a mama raccoon and its vivid, white color truly stands out in a low light attic.

Raccoon repellents do not really work in any type of meaningful way. The most effective prevention approach is generally making sure you don't have any type of entry points. If you are already on this page, it is most likely far too late to consider raccoon repellents.

As soon as your raccoons have been trapped and removed, it is essential that you locate and seal the entry hole that allowed those pests in to begin with!

Here's the Raccoon Removal Process we utilize with our customers

  1. Set and bait traps
  2. Catch the Raccoons residing in the attic
  3. Remove nearby food sources
  4. Seal up the access points so they can not return
  5. Clean-up the attic (Remove waste and replace insulation if needed)
  6. Fix any type of damage done to the interior and exterior.

Raccoon Pest Control

The last thing you need to do when trying to remove raccoons is utilize a pest control service that will try to poison your Raccoons! This could be very bad news for you! Poisoning wild animals in your home carries a number of risks, chief amongst them being that you've now got a harmful substance in your home. These critters walk around your home and can track the poisonous substance with them, placing your family and household pets in danger.

Likewise, the majority of poisonous substances make your Raccoons desperate for water, which might cause them ruining pipes so as to get a drink. If you don't like seeing water spots on your ceiling, consider a different removal style. If your pest control expert plans to poison the Raccoons in your attic, reach out to someone else!

Raccoons don't know exactly how to go to the bathroom. So, a whole family with kits staying in in an attic crawlspace will certainly leave droppings up there and definitely destroy your insulation. These droppings can be infected with raccoon roundworm and provide a significant physical health risk to anyone handling them.

Roundworm transferred by Oklahoma Raccoons is a frequently deadly condition and consistently influences youngsters the most if they manage to ingest the droppings while in a backyard or play area.

Raccoons can also give you rabies (this is why DIY is a bad strategy! No cost savings is actually worth that!). They can also carry distemper and mange.

“We Will get them out and keep them out!”